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* [*] bump year and versionPhilipp Gesang2017-01-291-2/+2
* [main] make main() no-op when called againPhilipp Gesang2017-01-291-0/+10
* [main,tool] fix version checkPhilipp Gesang2016-09-281-5/+7
* [*] update datev2.7-fix-3Philipp Gesang2016-06-161-2/+2
* [main,tool] reintroduce lost version checkPhilipp Gesang2016-05-031-1/+22
* [main] handle module load failurePhilipp Gesang2016-04-261-1/+25
* [*] bump versionv2.7Philipp Gesang2016-04-211-3/+3
* [main] fix oversight in comment (thanks, Èlie)Philipp Gesang2016-04-191-1/+1
* [*] shred 2014 fontloaderPhilipp Gesang2016-04-191-25/+2
* *: bump version and datePhilipp Gesang2016-02-191-3/+3
* [fontloader] patch font-otn.lua to skip unusable contextpos featuresPhilipp Gesang2016-02-121-1/+1
* [auxiliary] move callback handling to initializationPhilipp Gesang2015-12-231-1/+1
* [*] bump version and datePhilipp Gesang2015-12-091-1/+1
* [*] tidy up headers, attributionsv2.6-rc3Philipp Gesang2015-11-291-1/+1
* [main] refine very early loggingPhilipp Gesang2015-11-291-1/+7
* [main] remove locals for provides_module() return valuesPhilipp Gesang2015-11-281-2/+1
* for 2.6David Carlisle2015-11-211-144/+135
| * [main,init] implement path dependent loading of context modulesPhilipp Gesang2015-11-171-6/+33
| * [main] implement a loader for Context filesPhilipp Gesang2015-11-101-10/+29
| * [main,init] add no-op loader for fontloader filesPhilipp Gesang2015-11-091-0/+12
| * [*] kill off file headersPhilipp Gesang2015-11-051-2/+0
| * [main] clean up unused and irrelevant piecesPhilipp Gesang2015-11-051-11/+3
| * [tool,resolvers,db] fix references to the fonts tablePhilipp Gesang2015-10-291-1/+1
| * [main] dejumble module loader messagePhilipp Gesang2015-10-291-4/+4
| * main: fix module insertion and throw away luatexbase-provided resourcesPhilipp Gesang2015-10-281-9/+2
| * [main, *] convert for centralized initialization routinePhilipp Gesang2015-09-271-34/+62
| * [main] move toplevel statements into init routinePhilipp Gesang2015-09-271-9/+8
| * [main, conf] prepare for deferred loadingPhilipp Gesang2015-09-271-11/+11
| * [main, parsers] prepare for deferred initializationPhilipp Gesang2015-09-271-1/+5
| * [main,loaders] adjust noise and check status of loader initPhilipp Gesang2015-08-271-1/+3
| * [main,loaders] regroup callback handling code with loadersPhilipp Gesang2015-08-271-102/+14
| * [main] install stub for main initialization hookPhilipp Gesang2015-08-271-0/+8
* | Patch to not assume luatexbase needs to be loadedDavid Carlisle2015-10-031-1/+3
* [main,init,db,resolvers] separate resolvers from main into separate filePhilipp Gesang2015-07-231-229/+5
* [init,main,package] split initialization in early and late stagePhilipp Gesang2015-07-221-1/+3
* [main] adapt fontloader default namePhilipp Gesang2015-07-221-3/+1
* [init,override] move AGL initialization into post fontloader hookPhilipp Gesang2015-07-161-3/+1
* [init] remove annyoing bannerPhilipp Gesang2015-06-211-2/+2
* [main, init] partition initialization into a series of routinesPhilipp Gesang2015-06-211-0/+1
* [init] add stub for module sanitizationPhilipp Gesang2015-06-201-2/+2
* [main, init] move fontloader-specific stuff completely into initPhilipp Gesang2015-06-201-253/+25
* [main] strip file name suffix for fonts loaded as type1Philipp Gesang2015-06-131-1/+3
* [main,init] separate loading of fontloader and lualibs packagesPhilipp Gesang2015-06-091-6/+7
* [main] remove obsolete workaroundsPhilipp Gesang2015-05-261-45/+0
* [init] prepare fontloader initialization componentPhilipp Gesang2015-05-261-26/+36
* [*] bump version and datePhilipp Gesang2015-03-291-6/+6
* [fontloader] switch fallback to code from 2014 (works with Luatex 0.76)Philipp Gesang2015-03-181-9/+5
* [main] load fallback code based on Luatex versionPhilipp Gesang2015-03-111-3/+14
* [main, aux] add a callback that installs a .resources table in fonts that itPhilipp Gesang2014-12-141-9/+16
* [fontloader] change prefix of imported files to “fontloader”Philipp Gesang2014-12-081-49/+48