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* [loaders] take tfm path directly where appropriatePhilipp Gesang2016-07-271-2/+3
* [loaders] hook the generalized afm loader directly into tfm, pfb, and afm for...Philipp Gesang2016-07-151-20/+4
* [loaders] make TFM take the AFM pathPhilipp Gesang2016-07-141-1/+2
* [fontloader] include font-one.luaPhilipp Gesang2016-05-201-3/+5
* [featurs,loaders] adjust loader specifications to Context conventionsPhilipp Gesang2016-05-181-6/+3
* [loaders] implement readable load failure messagePhilipp Gesang2016-05-131-4/+19
* [loaders] make AFM wrappers more consistentPhilipp Gesang2016-05-131-9/+11
* [features,loaders] tidy up loading of afmPhilipp Gesang2016-05-121-4/+12
* [loaders,resolvers] tone down default log noisePhilipp Gesang2016-04-251-3/+3
* [db,loaders] clarify support for PFBPhilipp Gesang2016-04-241-1/+9
* [*] remove references to obsolete formats (PF{A,B}, DFONT, FEA)Philipp Gesang2016-04-201-0/+1
* [loaders] remove support for PF{A,B}Philipp Gesang2016-04-201-2/+10
* [features,parsers] implement font fallbacksPhilipp Gesang2016-02-191-0/+1
* [features,loaders] fix lookup conflicts via introduction of “evl” lookupPhilipp Gesang2016-02-191-9/+8
* [features,loaders] allow for direct injection of tfmdata when defining fontsPhilipp Gesang2016-02-181-4/+42
* [*] tidy up headers, attributionsv2.6-rc3Philipp Gesang2015-11-291-2/+3
* [loaders] customize define_font resetPhilipp Gesang2015-11-291-8/+17
* local reset_callback definition for ltluatexDavid Carlisle2015-11-211-1/+11
* [*] kill off file headersPhilipp Gesang2015-11-051-1/+0
* [loaders] fix call to missing localPhilipp Gesang2015-10-281-1/+1
* [main, *] convert for centralized initialization routinePhilipp Gesang2015-09-271-1/+1
* [main,loaders] adjust noise and check status of loader initPhilipp Gesang2015-08-271-13/+13
* [loaders] {re,un}-scope locals for economyPhilipp Gesang2015-08-271-21/+36
* [main,loaders] regroup callback handling code with loadersPhilipp Gesang2015-08-271-27/+120
* [loaders] map forced OFM files to match the TFM loaderPhilipp Gesang2015-06-131-0/+4
* [*] move source files to ./srcPhilipp Gesang2014-02-121-0/+30