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* [*] tidy up headers, attributionsv2.6-rc3Philipp Gesang2015-11-291-1/+1
* [diagnose] adapt invocation of getwritablepath()Philipp Gesang2015-11-281-5/+8
* [*] kill off file headersPhilipp Gesang2015-11-051-2/+0
* [diagnose] fix indentation of status messagePhilipp Gesang2015-10-291-15/+15
* [diagnose] fix ctan url (thanks Petra\!)Philipp Gesang2014-07-131-1/+1
* [diagnose] fix missing localv2.5Philipp Gesang2014-07-131-0/+1
* [db,tool,diagnose] eliminat static config hackPhilipp Gesang2014-05-141-2/+0
* [conf,db,diagnose] reimplement runtime cache path handling as configuration taskPhilipp Gesang2014-05-141-14/+18
* [*] move source files to ./srcPhilipp Gesang2014-02-121-0/+682