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* update package version and datev2.2cPhilipp Gesang2013-05-205-8/+8
* reinstate characterkerningPhilipp Gesang2013-05-191-39/+111
* add comments and a disclaimer regarding letterspacingPhilipp Gesang2013-05-191-9/+25
* adapt extralibPhilipp Gesang2013-05-191-20/+32
* add font-dependent letterspacingPhilipp Gesang2013-05-191-0/+254
* emit warning for invalid font request optionsPhilipp Gesang2013-05-191-3/+21
* skip unusable option fields; remove test for supposedly “indexed” featuresPhilipp Gesang2013-05-191-53/+9
* cleanup featuresPhilipp Gesang2013-05-191-6/+6
* distinguish Xetex-style options; increment if indexedPhilipp Gesang2013-05-191-16/+83
* drop leading plus/minus characters in key-value feature specificationPhilipp Gesang2013-05-181-6/+30
* add fallback for ``node.end_of_math()``Philipp Gesang2013-05-181-0/+10
* update datesv2.2bPhilipp Gesang2013-05-182-5/+5
* add fallback for older luatexbasePhilipp Gesang2013-05-181-1/+6
* combine make rules for resources filesPhilipp Gesang2013-05-181-2/+3
* sync with Context as of 2013-05-18Philipp Gesang2013-05-181-3/+3
* Merge branch 'characterkerning'Philipp Gesang2013-05-173-8/+746
| * load extralibs in main filePhilipp Gesang2013-05-172-9/+9
| * adapt prefix for imported typo-krnPhilipp Gesang2013-05-171-1/+1
| * import ``letterspace-support.lua`` as ``luaotfload-extralibs.lua``Philipp Gesang2013-05-171-0/+403
| * import ``typo-krn``Philipp Gesang2013-05-171-0/+335
* | add ``get_quad()``Philipp Gesang2013-05-171-1/+51
* | load character data on demandPhilipp Gesang2013-05-171-1/+41
* | update NEWSPhilipp Gesang2013-05-171-1/+2
* | create make rule combining glyphlist and character list generationPhilipp Gesang2013-05-172-8/+18
* | add serialization specPhilipp Gesang2013-05-171-1/+5
* | add script to extract parts of ``char-def.lua``Philipp Gesang2013-05-171-0/+120
* fix behavior of ``aux.slot_of_name()`` for missing glyphsPhilipp Gesang2013-05-161-4/+8
* add unsafe glyph checkerPhilipp Gesang2013-05-161-3/+25
* add functions for retrieving information about loaded fontsPhilipp Gesang2013-05-161-0/+72
* restore loading of ``l-dir.lua`` now that the fontloader creates ``TEXMFVAR``Philipp Gesang2013-05-163-2361/+472
* sync with Context as of 2013-05-16Philipp Gesang2013-05-162-12/+51
* add ``spltfg*`` fonts to blacklistPhilipp Gesang2013-05-151-1/+4
* remove duplicate luaotfload-[legacy-]tool.lua from tds treePhilipp Gesang2013-05-151-2/+2
* sync with Context as of 2013-05-15Philipp Gesang2013-05-151-2/+6
* rename ``make_names()`` -> ``make_savenames()``Philipp Gesang2013-05-141-4/+6
* restore fallback features tablePhilipp Gesang2013-05-141-9/+11
* add font name matching functionalityPhilipp Gesang2013-05-142-15/+57
* add diablindall.ttf to blacklistPhilipp Gesang2013-05-143-2/+4
* handle subfont in anon/path lookupsPhilipp Gesang2013-05-141-4/+31
* add l-table and l-string to filesystem packagePhilipp Gesang2013-05-141-1/+959
* load filesystem libs prior to handling the cache directoriesPhilipp Gesang2013-05-141-14/+30
* add packaged filesystem librariesPhilipp Gesang2013-05-141-0/+1369
* remove lib-dir from trackingPhilipp Gesang2013-05-141-449/+0
* add note about loggersPhilipp Gesang2013-05-131-1/+27
* silence glyphlist loaderPhilipp Gesang2013-05-131-2/+3
* remove dead code from ``luaotfload-features.lua``Philipp Gesang2013-05-131-36/+15
* run rst2man instead of rst2man2 on manpagePhilipp Gesang2013-05-131-1/+1
* work around unsupported full paths in anon lookupsPhilipp Gesang2013-05-132-8/+34
* [doc] document auxlibPhilipp Gesang2013-05-131-3/+191
* address fonts by ids instead of csnamesPhilipp Gesang2013-05-131-10/+17