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* do not delete temporary files when --debug is specifiedPhilipp Gesang2018-12-021-6/+5
* use --debug flag when running TeXPhilipp Gesang2018-12-021-6/+10
* remove non-conformant bullet recognition rulePhilipp Gesang2018-12-021-4/+8
* permit single-item itemizationsPhilipp Gesang2018-12-021-2/+3
* simplify itemization level stack handlingPhilipp Gesang2018-12-021-9/+7
* fix handling of locals inside itemization scannerPhilipp Gesang2018-12-022-44/+50
* use luatex.registertempfile() for creating temporary file namesPhilipp Gesang2018-12-021-14/+29
* distinguish between overlined and underline-only sections with the same adonmentPhilipp Gesang2018-12-022-34/+52
* eliminate redundand use of grammarsPhilipp Gesang2018-12-021-20/+14
* fix error handling when called directly as Lua scriptPhilipp Gesang2018-12-021-26/+27
* adopt more conventional directory structurePhilipp Gesang2014-03-017-0/+4641