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@@ -8,6 +8,17 @@ Read the section *Features Not Implemented* in the manual first.
below just mean that *their* implementation doesn’t understand TeX directives.
Don’t worry, |rstcontext| does.
+In order to install |rstcontext|, copy everything under the ``mod/``
+subdirectory into your local |CONTEXT| tree, i.e.: ::
+ cp -r mod/* ~/context/tex/texmf-local/
+if the |CONTEXT| minimal distribution happens to be installed at
@@ -19,8 +30,7 @@ file and the output file. The following will demonstrate the main usage in a
separate directory: ::
mkdir tmp; cd tmp
- ln -s ../mod/tex/context/third/rst/*.lua .
- texlua rst_parser.lua ../mod/doc/context/third/rst/documentation.rst doc.tex
+ mtxrun --script rst --if=../mod/doc/context/third/rst/documentation.rst --of=doc.tex
context ../mod/doc/context/third/rst/manual.tex
This should have gotten you the manual converted to a file ``doc.tex`` which was
@@ -29,15 +39,8 @@ will find extended instructions on how to build the manual with some cosmetic
improvements in the section *Usage* of the manual itself.
There is also a small module ``t-rst.mkiv`` which permits direct typesetting of
-reST markup with |CONTEXT| MkIV. To install the module, simply copy anything
-under the ``mod`` directory to your local |CONTEXT| tree. For instance, if
-|CONTEXT| happens to be installed at ``~/context``, the installation would be
-achieved this way: ::
- cp -r mod/* ~/context/tex/texmf-local/
-For usage examples see the files ``hybridtest.tex`` and ``moduletest.tex`` in
-the ``doc`` subdirectory.
+reST markup with |CONTEXT| MkIV. For usage examples see the files
+``hybridtest.tex`` and ``moduletest.tex`` in the ``doc`` subdirectory.