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As rstConTeXt was developed on *texlua*, you may expect it to run best with this
interpreter. For now the script accepts two command line arguments: the input
-file and the output file: ::
+file and the output file. The following will demonstrate the main usage in a
+separate directory: ::
- $texlua rst_parser.lua doc/documentation.rst man.tex
+ mkdir tmp; cd tmp
+ ln -s ../mod/tex/context/third/rst/*.lua .
+ texlua rst_parser.lua ../mod/doc/context/third/rst/documentation.rst doc.tex
+ context ../mod/doc/context/third/rst/manual.tex
-This should get you the manual converted to a file ``man.tex`` which you can run
-through |CONTEXT| now. You will find extended instructions on how to build the
-manual with some cosmetic improvements in the section *Usage* of the manual
+This should have gotten you the manual converted to a file ``doc.tex`` which was
+subsequently run through |CONTEXT| to generate the final ``manual.pdf``. You
+will find extended instructions on how to build the manual with some cosmetic
+improvements in the section *Usage* of the manual itself.
+There is also a small module ``t-rst.mkiv`` which permits direct typesetting of
+reST markup with |CONTEXT| MkIV. To install the module, simply copy anything
+under the ``mod`` directory to your local |CONTEXT| tree. For instance, if
+|CONTEXT| happens to be installed at ``~/context``, the installation would be
+achieved this way: ::
+ cp -r mod/* ~/context/tex/texmf-local/
+For usage examples see the files ``hybridtest.tex`` and ``moduletest.tex`` in
+the ``doc`` subdirectory.
@@ -40,11 +55,9 @@ Contact
|rstcontext| was written by Philipp Gesang, ``megas.kapaneus`` at ``gmail`` dot
``com`` (find me on BitBucket_).
-.. |rstcontext| ctx:: {\em rst}\kern.5pt\CONTEXT
-.. |CONTEXT| ctx:: \CONTEXT
-.. _BitBucket:
+.. |rstcontext| ctx:: {{\em rst}\kern.5pt\CONTEXT}
+.. |CONTEXT| ctx:: {\CONTEXT}
+.. _Contact:
+.. _BitBucket:
.. _maintainer: Contact_