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@@ -4,19 +4,25 @@ General Advice
Read the section *Features Not Implemented* in the manual first.
+*Note*: if you happen to read this on BitBucket, the error messages some lines
+below just mean that *their* implementation doesn’t understand TeX code. Don’t
-As converter was developed on *texlua*, you may expect it run best with this
+As rstConTeXt was developed on *texlua*, you may expect it to run best with this
interpreter. For now the script accepts two command line arguments: the input
file and the output file: ::
$texlua rst_parser.lua doc/documentation.rst man.tex
This should get you the manual converted to a file ``man.tex`` which you can
-through |CONTEXT| now.
+through |CONTEXT| now. You will find extended instructions on how to build the
+manual with some cosmetic improvements in the section *Usage* of the manual
@@ -35,7 +41,10 @@ Contact
``com`` (find me on BitBucket_).
.. |rstcontext| ctx:: {\em rst}\kern.5pt\CONTEXT
.. _BitBucket:
.. _maintainer: Contact_